Meet the new committee

Following the AGM on Friday 24th February, we have a new committee who will be guiding the club for the coming 12 months. There is a mixture of familiar faces and new ones, but all with the shared goal of making the club the best it can possibly be this year and beyond. At the moment, we still have no Social Secretary or Vice-Captain, and if you are interested in filling one of those roles please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you have any suggestions or queries about the club, these are the people who might be able to answer them:

Chairman – Alan Williams

Treasurer – John Smith

Secretary – Sheila Newman

Captain – Vince Pitman

Membership Secretary – Helen Roper

Juniors’ Captain – Colin Bunting

Club Development Officer – Steve Baker

Welfare Officer – Helen Ralph

Committee Members – Dean Barrett, Ed Buckingham, Karen Kenworthy, Alan Macauley, Sam Rogers, Simon Ryan, Diane Swallow