Tuesday Training Schedule

May/June 2017


Grass Track Saltash School These sessions will be supervised by a coach and are open to anyone. It would be wrong to think that only faster runners need or enjoy speedwork. Most of our daily/weekly running builds stamina, these sessions will focus on strength and raising our anaerobic threshold. By using the (hopefully) warmer weather and light nights we will improve each runnerís fast cruising speed, whatever their current level. We will also promote that ability to run relaxed and recover whilst going fast. If anyone is particularly nervous please let me know because the aim will always be to promote enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction. Members may of course choose to go out and run easy or complete fartleks in the lanes, this is optional and open to all.

The 8 weeks of speedwork will elevate pulse rate and I for one have found a gradual improvement in my standing heart rate over the last 8 weeks of slightly faster (V02) work. These faster sessions will enlarge lung capacity and make our legs stronger over a larger range of movement. They will improve coordination, running form (posture/style), cadence (leg speed) and our ability to recover. The 8 week programme (mesocycle) will include a mixture of speed and VO2 interval sessions. At some point we will be visited by Mike Wilsmore and his coach Graham to give us extra support, advice and encouragement.

The idea will be to jog down to the track from the club as the first part of the warm up. Some basic drills, further dynamic warm up and work on running style will be followed by short sharp workouts. The whole session will last about half an hour. The cool down will be the jog back followed by the usual static stretches. Because of the distance to the track it is likely the total time out from the club will be a little longer than usual. I will drive down so I have the car on hand if anyone is really struggling.

By popular request I have included a time trial at the start and end of the sequence. However, half way through is the popular Cubert 5 mile road race which will give an excellent reflection of your current racing fitness. Following the sequence we should all be able to tackle the Erme Valley relays, Tavistock relays or Parkruns with renewed form and confidence.

May 2nd

Introduction to some basic drills and a chance to run a timed mile.​ Please bring your own stop watch and take responsibility for timing yourself in case we have a large number.

May 9th

Warm up strides followed by 2 sets of 5 x 150 metres ​in waves based on current fitness/ability. Each rep will have 250 metre walk/jog recovery. I.e. Slow so that everyone is fully recovered and fresh to run fast and relaxed. (Tall posture, eyes up, relaxed shoulders, good knee lift, correct use of arms.) We will have 4 minutes rest between sets.

May 16th

Back to a more traditional VO2 session with 6 x 600 metres​ for well conditioned runners. To keep the emphasis on good running form, speed and recovery, slower runners will do 6 x 400 metres . We will have 2 minutes rest between each. As with all weeks the session will be preceded by dynamic warm up activities.

May 23rd

Well conditioned athletes will do a tough VO2 session of 10 x 300 metres with the bend (100m) walk jog recovery.​ This gives less than 45 seconds recovery between each and really pushes our lactate turning point (LTP). If athletes get the pace wrong by going too quickly they will not get the full benefits from the session. Slower runners will get the same effect by 8 x 200m off a 100m walk/jog recovery.

May 30th

Speed session. Well conditioned runners will do 6 x 300 metres​ but this time with a 90 second recovery. You will really notice the gear change from last week even though the distance (300m) is the same. The key is in the recovery. It is now double. We will then have a good 4 minute active recovery followed by a timed 400 metres. Slower runners will do 6 x 200 metres with a full 90 second recovery followed by a similar 400 metre time trial after a 4 minute recovery.

June 6th

Cubert 5 or 20 minute paarlauf ​(paired 200 metre relay with jog back across middle of track active recovery)

June 13th

Return to speed. All runners to do 2 sets of 5 x 200 metres with 200 metre recoveries. ​4 minutes between each set. Similar to May 9th. If runners show signs of losing form we will revert to 150 metres for the second set.

June 20th

Time trial. Choice of either a repeat of the measured mile or 3000 metres.